Our first guest on Book Case was author M. J. Rose, who talked to us about her brand new book, The book of Lost Fragrances: a Novel of Suspense (published by Atria).

M.J. discussed with host, Frederic Colier, her life, her previous books, and the inspiration and conception of her new book (her twelfth to date). She shared her interest in the true story of the Book of Lost Fragrances, now evaporated, roaming from subjects as wide as fascinating as Cleopatra and the French Revolution to Reincarnation . . . Stay tuned for the video.


New Authors Needed

Do you have a new book coming out?

We are about to launch a brand new TV Show, BOOK CASE, about writers and their books, for the general public.

Taping has already begun. We are currently booking authors, writers about to launch a new book, in whatever field: fiction, genre fiction, non-fiction, children, etc. for the future shows.

PR agencies, publicists, and agents do not hesitate to contact us via this blog, Facebook, Twitter, or through the production company’s site, Altered Ego Entertainment.

Update #1

Yesterday was a busy day.  Max Shuppert came up with a fantastic concept for the trailer.  I forgot to mention that Max is also the production and post-Production  producer.  Composer, Ionel Petroi, has composed a raunchy soundtrack based in J. S. Bach’s fugues and tocata.

We will shoot the first episode next week.  Our very first special guest will be revealed at the last minute.


Welcome to Book Case

If you can tell a shoe by its owner, can you tell a book by its writer?

Welcome to Book Case TV, a new program about books and the people who write them.  Our mission is to give the general public a new experience of the publishing industry, its creators and players.  Stay tuned for the trailer and first episodes.