Kiki Avalon

Nip-Tuck-Cover-Small-10-10-16Nip and Tuck” by Kiki Avalon

(Book Case Engine, P 264, ISBN: 978-1-62-848-062-1)

Plastic surgeon to the rich girls and women of Los Angeles, Dr. Henry Strandberg loses his wife in a freak surgical accident. In the hopes of surviving his grief and rage, Henry turns into a visionary voyeur, employing modern technology to violate the sex lives of his elite clients. What follows is a twisted downward sexual spiral that has him wielding his scalpel for more than just a nip or tuck. A master of manipulation, our protagonist figures out how to get inside his patients in ways they can and will never know. “Nip and Tuck” is the story of a man with a cross to bear and fresh young bodies to bear it into. Until one girl discovers what he’s left inside her . . .