Who Are We?

Frederic Colier: Executive Producer (Founder). Frederic oversees all the BCTV and BDJ initiatives. He manages all the operations of Book Case Engine and Books du Jour related initiatives. Because he tends to see life in black and white, he sometimes appears in 1960 archives footage, under on the pseudonym of Frank Debonair.

Max Shuppert: Executive Producer (Co-Founder). Max is the guru who handles all production and post production phases for Book Case TV and Books du Jour TV Series and other related TV programs.

Zellee Jones: Producer. Zellee is a jack(ette) of all trade, a talented director, camerawoman, and an impressive troupe leader.

Deborah Mitchell: Social Media Producer/ Strategist: The queen of News and PR, she reigns on that field like no one else.

Patrick Crockart: brings his cinematographic talent to our visual style.

Gary Jeffrey: most faithful sound sculptor.

Stella Odersel: intern

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