Books du Jour Magazine

We are launching a monthly magazine version of our TV series in Fall 2015 both online and print.

Publication Manager: You will handle all the aspect of the printing process

Sales Manager: You will drive our ad sales.

Marketing Manager: We need you to spread the word about the magazine. You will be in a unique situation since we have the TV series to promote it .

Content Creators: Feature Writers, Editors, Photographers, Graphic and Web Designers  . . . You are such valuable parts of the entire process.

Interested in any of the above, contact us via the Contact Page.

Books du Jour is looking for:

Director of Sponsorship: Seeking a Sponsorship and Corporate Manager for our approved TV series to be syndicated on PBS. Our Book Series needs an energetic well-connected Marketing and PR Specialist, who understands the PBS guidelines for program sponsorship. Must have extensive experience in the field in addition to TV business.

Assistant Editor: If you know or would like to learn how to put 30′ TV program together, you would love to hear from you.  We use FCX and bundles associated with it (AE major plus).  Sound mix is done outside.

Closed-Caption specialist.  We routinely have episodes that needs to be updated. you can work from hom

Marketing Social Media Guru: to help with all the social Media and Web updates.

INTERNS:  We are always in need of your precious and dedicated helps.  Contact us and tell us where you would ideally like to work with: Book Case TV, Book Case Engine, Books Du Jour or the Salon?




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