Book Case (#5) with Liza Marklund

The Queen of Scandinavia crime novel, Liza Marklund, makes a stop in Forest Park, IL, to address her entourage about her new novel “Last Will,” featuring her name-sake character Annika Bengtzon and her quest to catch the feline murderer of a Nobel recipient. But beyond the linear story, the book also investigates the nature of power, in the media and politics.

Book Case (#4) with John Connolly

Book Case #4 has arrived. I interviewed the author of the Charlie Parker mystery series, John Connolly, while on tour in Dayton, OH, for the release of his new book, “Burning Soul,” which further explores the themes of guilt, grief, empathy, and redemption first exposed in the Charlie Parker’s books.

William Kent Krueger featured on episode #3

I caught up with mystery writer, William Kent Krueger, during the Great Mystery Book Tour, which was a bus tour, by the way, crossing the North East and the MidWest. We met in Framingham, MA. The bard from Minnesota discuss his early passion for Hemingway, the man and his style, which heavily influenced Kent’s own writing in his earliest novels, and of course his new release, Northwest Angle, and something about tricksters. Watch the clip below.