book Case TV, Promo #2 for NYC Life

Do not miss our new season on NYC LIFE, channel 25, if you live in NY. New season kicks off on October 29th. This promotional spot starts airing Sunday 17, 2012. Hosted by Frederic Colier, Book Case TV will also be available “On Demand,” (free) via NYC LIFE’s site. And just in case you do not know yet, Book Case Tv is a show about books and the people who write them for the book lovers.

See you then

Book Case TV Promo #1

We have been absent for the last two months, but we have not been resting in the fresh summer grass. On the contrary, the Book Case team has been hard at work. Since announcing that NYC Life will broadcast our future episodes, starting Oct 29th (channel 25 if you live in NY) at 9:30 pm, we have designed a new program, much longer, jumping from 10 to 30 minutes. We have just wrapped the third episode. Watch the first of our promo trailers in the meantime. It has been airing since last Sunday on NYC Life. It will also broadcast on all the NY cabs coming this Sunday 09/16/12. Promo was conceived and executed by Frederic Colier and Max Shuppert.

The second promo trailer will be available through all the social media and BCTV in the next two weeks. Finally Book Case TV welcome your feedback on Facebook and would love to get your tweet.