Books du Jour going to PBS

Morning Everyone,

As hinted here and there over the last few weeks, I’m pleased to announce that our weekly book- focused TV program, Books du Jour, will go on bigger things.  Indeed, after our great first season partnership with NYC Media, whose participation as a co-producer added tremendous value to the production, we are now moving into syndication nationwide via PBS.

PBS is the perfect platform for our cultural program.  It will give our participating authors, books featured and sponsors, a significant increase in exposure, roughly moving from our current 20 million people in the North East to a potential 80 millions statewide.

The terms and dates of future broadcast have yet to be determined, but we are looking for an early Fall roll out.  The only obstacle to the whole venture will reside in our ability to pay the hefty broadcasting fees.  Indeed, under the PBS categorization, Books du Jour falls under a life-style program and therefore is not entitled to any licensing broadcasting fees.  To reach our goals and as many people as possible, the program must rely entirely on sponsorships.  To this end, within a couple of weeks, we will launch a small fundraising campaign via Kickstarter to make this dream come true.

Books du Jour, along with its predecessor, Book Case TV, is the only weekly TV program in the American landscape completely devoted to books and the people who write them, without any restriction.  A country of 300 million plus citizens deserves a nationwide weekly TV book series.
If you love books and want a chance to learn more about your favorite authors, if you believe in books’ moral and cultural values, here is your chance to manifest your voice and show us your support.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Frederic Colier, Executive Producer