Launching our PBS – Kickstarter Campaign

We have launched our fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. We need your help to move on to PBS:


Here are some of the authors who are participating in our campaign.  They will sit down with you for coffee for sure: Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin, Chris Pavone, Amy Sohn, Rick Moody, Sheri Fink, Jeanine Cummings, Joan Silber, Alice Cohen, Lodro Rinzler, Allan Topol, Jackson Kaguri, Scott Turow, M J Rose, T. Jefferson Parker, Boris Fishman, George Prochnik, Kerry Zukus, Edie Meidav, Caroline Leavitt, Heather Terrell, Anne Korkeakivi, Raymond Khoury, Gwen Edelman, and the list may just get longer . . .  Click on picture above to see our perks.

The Books du Jour Team