Last week for PBS Campaign

This is our last week to reach our goal.  We are still very much a long way from it, Books du Jour needs your help to spread the word about our campaign and tell all your friends that we need their support to move on to PBS:  to DONATE follow the link on picture below, and find out what we offer.


Well, if you are reading this it is because you have not clicked on the link.  We have great books and services to offer for your support.  Such as the list of authors below who will sit down with you for a coffee. Here are some of the authors who are participating in the Books du Jour campaign: Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin, Chris Pavone, Amy Sohn, Rick Moody, Sheri Fink, Jeanine Cummings, Joan Silber, Alice Cohen, Lodro Rinzler, Allan Topol, Jackson Kaguri, Scott Turow, M J Rose, T. Jefferson Parker, Boris Fishman, George Prochnik, Kerry Zukus, Edie Meidav, Caroline Leavitt, Heather Terrell, Anne Korkeakivi, Raymond Khoury, Gwen Edelman, and the list may just get longer . . .  Click on picture above to see the detail and DONATE.

The Books du Jour Team