Episode #11: Good Old Hale and Hearty

Morning everyone,

The weather in NY is little inviting, freezing cold air and snow on the ground. Perfect day to stay home well ensconced, unless of course you love to take walks with razor-sharp gusts of wind. But if you are like me and do have an aversion to this type of weather, I do hope that tonight you will be home and watch our new episode of Book Case TV.

Our new episode #11: Good Old Hale and Hearty

Mental and physical health is a big concern for host Frederic Colier in this episode. First he interviews Jeffrey P. Kahn about his book Angst, an exploration of the growing anxiety trend in our society. Then Frederic meets practical philosopher, Lou Marinoff, author of The Inner Philosopher, to discuss how to apply philosophy to everyday life situations, before sitting down with Sarah Murray, who talks in Making an Exit about death rituals from around the world.


For the Book World segment, Frederic talks with agent Scott Waxman, who discusses the intricacies of becoming an e-publisher with Mary Cummings from Diversion Books.

In Pick of the Week, Frederic chooses On the Map: Why the World Looks the Way It Does by Simon Garfield, The Moon in the Nautilus Shell by Daniel B. Botkin and Second That Emotion: How Decisions, Trends, and Movements Are Shaped by Jeremy Holden.

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