Almost There. Oct 29th in Plain Sight

The team here at Book Case TV has been working around the clock since the beginning of summer to produce the 12 episodes for this season. Launch is just round the corner, we are ready for it. Max is furiously editing days in and days out, all the dozens of hours of footage, while Tonia spends the day with a phone stuck to her ears, and Jane irons Freddy’s suit. Who is Freddy you may ask? Well within four days, you will know all about him. Suffices to say that he tends to be grumpy and distrustful.

The format for the new season will be quite different from the first one. We also strayed from the talking heads expected mold of book program. For a start, each episode will be 30 mns long, versus the 10 mns length for Season 1. We are also putting together 12 episodes, not just 8. Although the main focus of our program remains the author interviews, we have incorporated several eclectic and entertaining segments. For example in BookWorld, each week, we cover an aspect of the publishing industry. It could deal with an E-book distributor, a visit to a publisher, or a report about straight publishing news. InPOTW (as we like to refer to it), which stands for Pick of The Week, our host, Frederic Colier, gives his opinion about a wide selection of new releases. In Book End, we give our audience members the opportunity to answer some of our most puzzling questions: “In the world of e-books, what do you use your bookshelves for?” Talking about books with their authors should not always be dry and too intellectual.

The new season kicks off on October 29th at 9:30 pm on NYC Life (Channel 25), and every Monday thereafter. The day after an episode airs, it will go straight on VOD (free) via NYC Life’s website.
To help us promote our program, we created two commercials, which are currently airing on NYC Life and in all the NY cabs, Pencils and Noir Fatal.

You access them too and view our archives by visiting our Youtube channel or Facebook link in the menu bar above.

Max Shuppert and Frederic Colier are the executive producers of the program.

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