Launching #1

Dear All,

As you all know, Book Case TV was supposed to launch last Monday, Oct 29th. Well it turned out that the time of the launch, 9:30 pm, coincided with the peak of Sandy’s rage in and around NY. Even though our anticipation ran high, we were just beginning to receive news of the devastation that Sandy causing. It is a weird time to be excited. Suffices to say that the Gods took care of the problem and leveled the mood field. Time Warner went down roughly 10 minutes before our show was due to air…

Because of the exceptional circumstances surrounding our launch (and others), NYC Life has decided to reset the clock back to start. The new launch will occur at exactly the same time as last week but on Monday Nov 5th.


Here is the highlight of the episode, which I hope you will find worth tuning in.

Episode #1: Title: Setting the Tone

For the season Premiere, host Frederic Colier interviews Rambo creator, David Morrell, about his new book, “Murder as a Fine Art.”

Visit to Book Expo America at the Jarvis Center, interviews with Michael Koryta, Sylvia Day, Robin Sloan. News segment about Lee Child.

Books featured: Allan Topol “The China Gambit.” Jessica Keener “Night Swim.” Kambri Crews “Burn Down the Ground.” Steve Berry “The Columbus Affair.”

See you Monday. We look forward to your feedback and commenting on us on all the social media.

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